Indian River Advisors:
A corporate development consulting and investment banking firm that advises and assists its clients to accelerate growth and complete desired transactions at the most favorable enterprise value. The firm manages merger, acquisition, corporate sales, and capital formation assignments.
Investment Banking Services+

Investment Banking Services

Indian River advises corporations through every step of a merger, an acquisition, a company sale, or raising debt and/or equity capital. Our firm represents buyers, sellers, and private equity investors to manage and complete transactions from start to close.
Corporate Development Consulting Services+

Corporate Development Consulting Services

Indian River Advisors works with owners, investors, Boards, and management teams to prepare the enterprise to enter into a corporate transaction by increasing the value of the enterprise prior to the transaction.
Our Approach+

Our Approach

At Indian River Advisors, we combine corporate development consulting and investment banking services to help your company complete a desired transaction at the highest enterprise value.