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Indian River Advisors

Indian River Advisors, LLC is an investment banking and corporate development consulting firm that helps its clients accelerate growth and complete desired transactions at the most favorable value. At Indian River, we help you get the most value from your company by increasing what your company is worth. Our personalized, research-based, milepost-driven approach keeps you informed and involved at every step in the process.

Our Philosophy

Indian River Advisors was founded on the premise that if you pay attention to what drives value in your company, when you want to sell the company or enter into a similar corporate transaction you will be able to do so at the highest valuation. To support this work and to serve its clients well, Indian River Advisors has developed a deep research and analytical capability. Our commitment to research, combined with our partners’ rich operating experience, generates a milepost-driven, results-oriented process that delivers a superbly executed client experience.

Our Story

Based on over 35 years of investment banking experience, the founding partners at Indian River recognize that few middle market firms are adequately prepared to enter into a corporate transaction.

In 2011, Marshall Graham and his partners founded Indian River Advisors to meet this need. Indian River’s unique valuation assessment program measures current corporate value and identifies any issues affecting that value. We work with owners, investors, boards, and management teams to implement action plans that address corporate deficits and increase the value of your firm prior to an exit or other corporate transaction. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the firm serves a national clientele.

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