At Indian River Advisors, we combine investment banking and corporate development consulting services to accelerate growth and help your company complete transactions at the most favorable enterprise value.

Rigorous Research Process

Indian River Advisors is committed to a rigorous research process that most companies and outside advisors do not have. With our investment banking services, we use our extensive internal database and third-party databases to identify target companies (sell side targets for acquirers, and buyers for selling organizations). For corporate development consulting assignments, our team researches competitors and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each, recommending tactical plans for keeping our client’s company ahead of competition. A combination of secondary and primary research techniques will help you gain valuable insights into increasing customer satisfaction; targeting new customers and/or markets; prioritizing product development; understanding purchasing trends and influencers; using new distribution channels effectively; and identifying partnering and alliance opportunities.

Project Planning and Timeline

Our research-centric, milepost-driven approach takes the mystery out of the transaction process. From the initial corporate assessment and evaluation of your company, to the action plan for increasing your company’s value, to raising capital, to selling or acquiring a company, Indian River Advisors will keep you informed every step of the way, with clear timelines and monthly deliverables.

The Corporate Transaction

At Indian River Advisors, we are convinced that if you pay attention to what drives value in your business, when you are ready to sell your business, you will be able to sell it at a much higher price. Indian River provides a rigorous valuation analysis for your company now, as well as helping you develop a plan for how to improve corporate value moving forward.

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