We are pleased to announce that Indian River has entered into a strategic alliance with Cognitio Corp. Cognitio is a strategic consulting and engineering firm established and managed by a team of former senior technology executives from the U.S. Intelligence Community. Executives from the Cognitio team have a track record of safeguarding some of the nation’s greatest secrets, equipping U.S. leadership with actionable intelligence that helps protect lives and drives technology innovation that has kept and will keep key agencies of the Federal government generations ahead of our adversaries. Cognitio leverages that vast knowledge to enable companies across disparate industries to effectively manage technology, maximize technology investments and reduce overall institutional risk. Cognitio is managed by Roger Hockenberry, the firm’s CEO. Roger previously was the CTO of the National Clandestine Services of the CIA.

Indian River through its technology transfer practice frequently is presented with very sophisticated technologies, products or almost products with the mandate of commercializing the technology and associated intellectual property. Cognitio has been extremely helpful in assisting Indian River partners with evaluating these technologies and has guided our firm to markets or market sectors that could adopt the technology or products for commercial purpose. We look forward to a long and profitable association with Cognitio.