We are pleased to announce that our client, Caerus Analytics, has been acquired by Cybraics, Inc.

Caerus, located in Arlington, VA, provides Big Data analytics and cyber security using social science as a lens for analysis. Its innovation has yielded new concepts and techniques for intelligence fusion, campaign assessments, systems analysis, and monitoring and evaluation. Caerus has a diverse customer base that includes contracts with the U.S. Federal Government’s Defense Research Projects Agency and The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, among others.

Cybraics, Inc., headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, was formed by a group of visionary advocates skilled in threat intelligence, cyber security, and fraud prevention. Cybraics engages Big Data tools to fuse math, science, and machine learning with advanced analytics and visualizations to aid in protecting brand reputation, intellectual property, and proprietary data.  Extensive research and development, leveraging non-traditional sensors and analysis, have yielded breakthroughs in threat intelligence and situational awareness. Its customers include the U.S. Federal Government and major commercial enterprises.

Indian River Advisors, based in Washington, DC, is an investment banking and corporate development firm that advises and assists its clients to accelerate growth and complete desired transactions at the most favorable enterprise value.  The firm manages mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and capital formation assignments.  Through the sale of our client Caerus, Indian River has gained significant understanding of the data analytics market sector. Should your firm have strategic interest in this area or if you are thinking about selling your firm or making a strategic data analytics acquisition, we would be delighted to be considered to represent your firm. Please contact Wes Teague at westeague@ir-advisors.com or Andrew Scherer at scherer@ir-advisors.com.

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