We are pleased to announce that our client Nehemiah Security—an internationally recognized supplier of cyber security solutions and services to enterprise and government organizations—has acquired anomaly detection leader, Triumfant, Inc.

Indian River Advisors initiated the transaction, identified Triumfant as a seller, and facilitated the transaction for Nehemiah, located in Tysons Corner, Virginia. This acquisition and the integration of Triumfant’s AtomicEye product into Nehemiah Security’s core offerings soundly position Nehemiah at the forefront of the advanced anomaly detection and attack prevention space.

AtomicEye is the first cyber software solution able to automatically detect and remediate stealthy exploits and obfuscated malware without signatures of any kind. AtomicEye combines comprehensive data collection, quick analysis, and automated or human-augmented surgical remediation workflows to detect and respond to APTs, targeted attacks, zero-days, malicious insiders, and other assaults on digital assets. Access extends to endpoints for high-powered big data collection from volatile memory and disk. Nehemiah Security plans to immediately incorporate AtomicEye into its portfolio of software solutions aimed at delivering on the promise of true continuous visibility, coupled with the highest level of detection, intervention, and remediation control.

AtomicEye’s intelligent platform is able to uncover attacks in near real-time through anomalous behavior detection. Once an attack is identified, AtomicEye conducts instantaneous analysis and is capable of automating remediation based on customized playbooks and rulesets. Alternatively, the organization’s security team can perform the remediation using AtomicEye’s reports, which contain full explanations and instructions on how to restore the system to its pre-attack status. By automating tasks through containment, eradication, and recovery, devices are securely controlled without requiring highly-skilled analysts.

Indian River Advisors has conducted in-depth research on the cyber security market and has recently completed several transactions in this market space. Should your organization be interested in acquiring a cyber company or if you are a cyber company and want to sell, we would be pleased to meet with you. Please contact Marshall Graham, Managing Partner of Indian River, at graham@ir-advisors.com or call him at 202.494.0360.

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