From time to time, Indian River notifies its clients, associates and friends of the firm about significant newsworthy items. When we close a corporate transaction, we send a description of the deal. When the firm enters into a strategic relationship on behalf our clients and associates, we tell you and finally we routinely present those value drivers that, in our view, affect a sale transaction, an acquisition or any other corporate capital event.

Corporate Value Drivers

Corporate Value Driver #55: Create a Brand that Lasts

Coca Cola. Apple. Heinz. Lego. Successful brands transcend changes in the organization. Even when new products are created or new markets are entered, the sense of what the brand means and stands for often remains the same. And as The Guardian reports, brands take a...

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Corporate Value Benchmark #54: Develop Core Values

Core values help organizations develop a roadmap to success. Harvard Business Review defines core values as “the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstones.” But when is the best time for the leadership...

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Z Systems Corporation Acquires Logistics Support

We are pleased to announce that Z Systems Corporation has acquired Logistics Support, Incorporated, a leading provider of a broad range of management consulting, logistics and supply chain management, and professional services to the United States government and...

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Nehemiah Security Has Acquired Triumfant, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that our client Nehemiah Security—an internationally recognized supplier of cyber security solutions and services to enterprise and government organizations—has acquired anomaly detection leader, Triumfant, Inc.

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