Indian River Advisors works with owners, investors, boards, and management teams to maximize their enterprise value, either in connection with a corporate transaction or through corporate growth and profitability.

Indian River advises corporations through every step of a merger, an acquisition, a company sale, or raising debt and/or equity capital. Our firm represents buyers, sellers, and private equity investors to manage and complete transactions from strategy to closing.

Pre-Transaction Services

The Client’s Enterprise

Are you thinking about entering into a corporate transaction? Indian River Advisors can assess your current corporate value; determine any deficits that might be detracting from the highest value; and recommend a set of corporate development consulting services that will provide corrective action. Our consulting services are designed to increase the enterprise value of your firm prior to a desired transaction.

  • Assessing the Enterprise
  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Partnering
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Venture Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Assessment Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Model
  • Wealth Transition

The Corporate Transaction

Indian River provides buy side advisory services and sell side advisory services, and can raise debt or equity institutional capital. Indian River Advisors is prepared to manage and complete corporate transactions from kickoff to close.

  • Valuing the Enterprise
  • Sell Side Advisory Services
  • Buy Side Advisory Service
  • Capital Formation
  • Management Buyout
  • Recapitalization
  • Post-Merger Integration Support

Investment Banking

Indian River advises corporations through every step of a merger, an acquisition, a company sale, or raising debt and/or equity capital. Our firm represents buyers, sellers, and private equity investors to manage and complete transactions from strategy to closing.

Valuing the Enterprise

Knowing and maximizing the value of your business is most important when you are preparing to enter into and complete a corporate transaction, whether that is buying or selling a company or securing capital. Indian River Advisors provides a rigorous valuation analysis for your company that will prepare you to complete the desired transaction at the highest enterprise value. We can assess your business and work with you to determine your company’s strengths and to identify and help your team remedy any possible weaknesses. We also help you anticipate questions potentials buyers or partners will ask so you stay one step ahead. This assessment includes a financial valuation and an evaluation of the non-financial attributes of the enterprise. An Enterprise Assessment Report (EAR) is delivered to you that outlines the current value of the company along with a report outlining those areas of the enterprise that, when improved, will result in a higher value of the enterprise.

Sell Side Advisory Services

Indian River Advisors provides a comprehensive approach to the planning and execution of the sale of your enterprise. The firm guides our clients through each stage of the transaction – from pre-deal planning, to comprehensive research, to ‘go to market’ strategies, to due diligence coordination, to closing. When you are ready to sell, we are well prepared to manage the transaction and to serve as an integral part of your team.

Buy Side Advisory Service

When your organization plans to make an acquisition, Indian River Advisors will discuss with you a precise strategic direction for your company that results in an ‘acquisition specification.’ This acquisition specification describes the ideal buy side transaction. Indian River represents corporations, private equity investors, hedge funds, and numerous other buyers. We will use our large internal database and third party databases to identify and contact all targets. Indian River sets up meetings with interested parties after presenting detailed executive summaries of interested sellers, and then manages the entire transaction process. When you are ready to make an acquisition, the company balance sheet must be assessed and capital planning accomplished. An internal M&A manager must be identified and due diligence teams organized. A precise ‘acquisition specification’ is developed at the beginning of the process, followed by comprehensive research to identify all potential sellers that meet the client’s specifications.

Capital Formation

Indian River Advisors arranges private equity financings and senior and subordinated debt financings to support mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, leveraged buyouts, and other shareholder liquidity transactions. Indian River bankers are involved in every step of the capital formation process. We refine client business plans and financial forecasts and advise on optimal capital structures, company valuation, and transaction structures.

Management Buyout

Over the years, our partners have been engaged by corporate management teams that want to buy the company from current owners. The management buyout requires a very precise ‘win/win’ outcome, as both management and the owner must be served at every step of the transaction. If financing of the management buyout transaction is a requirement, then Indian River Advisors sources this investment capital on a least cost basis for the team.


Indian River Advisors can work with companies when there is a need for recapitalization. For example, when a corporate balance is leveraged with too much debt, Indian River can work with current owners to add additional investment partners. When a shareholder manager desires to leave a company, Indian River can help the enterprise recapitalize with an infusion of new and/or less expensive debt or equity.

Post-Merger Integration Support

Integrating acquisitions after the closing is the most important part of the merger/acquisition process. There have been hundreds of news articles written about acquisitions that failed due to poor integration planning and execution. Most Indian River partners are C-level executives and many have acquired companies for their own organizations. Since our partners have crucial background experience with integration planning and execution, Indian River partners can advise clients before, during, and after consummation of an acquisition.

Corporate Development Consulting Services

Indian River Advisors works with owners, investors, boards, and management teams to maximize their enterprise value, either in connection with a corporate transaction or through development of corporate growth and profitability.

Assessing the Enterprise

At Indian River, we know that if you pay attention to what drives value in your company now, the sales price for your company will be higher when you are ready to sell. Indian River Advisors provides a rigorous valuation analysis for your company as it is now, as well as advising you on how to improve your company’s value going forward. We offer a financial valuation and an operations review of the non-financial value drivers within your organization. Knowing and maximizing the value of your enterprise is most important when you are preparing to enter into a corporate transaction, whether that is buying or selling a company or securing capital. Want to know more?

Corporate Governance

Partners at Indian River Advisors are prepared to serve in any corporate governance capacity and for any time period that meets the client’s needs – from Executive Chairman to Non-Executive Chairman to a Board Member to Advisory Board participation. Indian River partners are routinely asked to participate in their client’s corporate governance during times of transition or while assisting with implementing corporate strategic initiatives.

Strategic Planning

Indian River Advisors will lead your team through a set of exercises called the Strategic Thinking Process during a series of meetings (often at an off-site location). This highly effective process results in the development of a complete strategic plan, as well as increased clarity, focus, consensus, team cohesion, and organizational commitment. Elements of the Strategic Plan define the nature of products/services, the profile of customers, market segments, corporate geographic coverage, competition, and product/service differentiation. The strategic plan outlines the client’s areas of excellence – skills, competences, and capabilities that the client possesses that differentiate the company from its competition. The plan also includes a Strategic Filter, a process that can be used by CEOs and the top leadership team as a framework for decisions that determine the scope of products and services offered the customer/user group, and the markets the client will pursue. Detailed action plans that resolve critical issues are determined during the planning process so the CEO and senior management can manage the enterprise more effectively.

Strategic Partnering

Indian River partners are experienced in identifying and contracting with other organizations that have products, technologies, or service offerings that can benefit our clients with additional sales channels, marketing skills, engineering expertise, and/or manufacturing capability. Partnering and teaming relationships can take the form of a license agreement, a joint venture, a federal government contractor teaming agreement, a contract manufacturing agreement, or a debt or equity investment. Partners at Indian River have extensive expertise in all types of combinations and partnerships and will facilitate the best partnering transaction to meet our clients’ needs

Technology Commercialization

Often, in the course of building the enterprise, management teams develop technologies that are an essential part of a total customer solution but then ‘sit on the shelf’ after the specific solution is delivered to the client. In more cases than not, these technologies are proprietary, and frequently, the technology is either patented or could be patented. Yet, most organizations do not take advantage of the value of proprietary intellectual property (IP). Indian River has worked with clients over the years to ‘monetize’ these intellectual assets. Our team completes strategic partnerships where this IP is sold, licensed, exported, or becomes part of a joint or new venture. Indian River partners have deep experience in evaluating, recommending, and implementing the right path for developed technologies.

Venture Development

Venture development is defined as a ‘new business start-up’ within an existing operating company or a ‘spin out’ business or venture from an existing operating company. Large and middle market companies often lack the entrepreneurial management talent to start up a new initiative or organization. The partners at Indian River Advisors have had extensive startup experience working as consultants, principals, and investment bankers, and we can use our expertise to help you successfully start new projects or ventures. We can then manage them on your behalf until critical mass is accomplished and permanent management is identified.

Competitive Analysis

A company’s strategic plan is at risk every day if an organization fails to understand its competition and its position relative to the ever-changing competitive landscape. Indian River Advisors can assist clients with understanding current and potential future competition – and we can also analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor and recommend tactical plans for keeping our client’s company on top.

Market Assessment Analysis

Indian River Advisors’ approach to market research is quite simple: planning before completing the transaction. We use a combination of primary and secondary research techniques to gain valuable insights into increasing customer satisfaction; targeting new customers and/or markets; prioritizing product development; understanding purchasing trends and influencers; using new distribution channels effectively; and identifying partners, alliances, and merger/acquisition opportunities. Evaluating and prioritizing new markets requires careful examination of specific opportunities within each market. In-depth market research is the first step in assessing a new market. Target customers need to be profiled, competition needs to be evaluated, and products and services need to be differentiated. These activities will identify high potential prospects for the client organization, along with critical information about each new market. Our focus is to help clients align marketing and sales to maximize business growth potential, allocate sales resources properly, and identify how to sell effectively in new markets.

Sales and Marketing Model

Indian River Advisors provides exemplary business development services for its clients. By executing strategic marketing and tactical sales plans, Indian River not only provides ‘hot prospects’ for its clients, but also assists with selecting high potential prospects and managing these prospects from ‘suspect’ through closing. Frequently, the organization’s sales and marketing model needs to be evaluated and possibly altered. Indian River can assist your company by recommending the necessary sales and marketing changes. The global economy has driven many companies to rethink their revenue and profit generation model and to improve internal sales and sales management processes, including marketing and customer service. Partners at Indian River have extensive experience in benchmarking and gap analysis, sales and market intelligence, sales models, sales process, sales management organizational structures, sales performance metrics and management, sales force automation, compensation/reward systems, and sales training and development. Indian River can help establish repeatable ‘best sales processes’ and assist the organization in adopting them. We can install effective business development programs, including sales, marketing, partnering, complex account management, and customer service – essential for meeting top line revenue targets.

Wealth Transition

Wealth Transition combines personal financial planning with merger and acquisition transaction planning and expertise – helping you prepare for the most tax efficient wealth transition from the corporate enterprise to the owners and their families, as well as charitable and philanthropic giving. Business owners are used to the daily crises that crop up in the course of running and managing a business, but many owner/managers seldom think about the wealth inherent in the enterprise they own – an enterprise they will someday want to transition and monetize. Indian River Advisors, in partnership with numerous wealth management firms, can assist owner management with developing a precise plan for transitioning the value of the enterprise that matches the client’s specific objectives and needs.

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