This blog series, “The Top 25 Corporate Value Drivers,” is designed to highlight issues that affect your company’s valuation – from branding to customer diversification to management teams. Are you thinking about entering into a corporate transaction? Then this series is for you.

Fortunes have been made and lost on the basis of how particular enterprises are valued, so it is critical for a business owner to understand what value drivers apply to his/her company and how prospective buyers are likely to perceive the company’s future.

Indian River Advisors can assess your current corporate value; determine any deficits that might be detracting from the highest value; and recommend a set of corporate development consulting services that will provide corrective action.

At Indian River Advisors, we know that if you pay attention to what drives value in your company now, the sales price for your company will be higher when you are ready to sell.

Our firm combines corporate development consulting and investment banking to help clients accelerate growth and complete desired transactions at the most favorable value.